How do we get information out of your system? Beyond BI has the skills and experience to implement Business Intelligence on Ellipse. We have been interrogating the Ellipse database since 2005 and understand the business around data.

It does not matter what your preference is, SAP Business Objects, Jaspersoft, SQL Server. We can extract, consolidate and report on Ellipse Data. Converting RDL’s to Jasper reports or Business Objects is no problem.

Need Training? Beyond BI developed customised reporting training that is Ellipse specific to ensure that your organisation, empowering users and increase return on investment.

Beyond BI has a compilation of operational Jasper report templates on Ventyx Ellipse 8. Our experience helps us to customise these into your organisation’s specific requirements, saving you time.

Beyond BI delivers SAP BI Certified training on BW, BO, HANA and BPC.


  • System Architecture/ Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Installation and Implementation
  • Design and Development
  • User Facilitaton
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Functional Ellipse Consulting
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Certified SAP Training


Tailored Solutions

We provide quantifiable Business Intelligence services and solutions for the specific customer’s requirements.

  • End-to-end BI Solutions on multiple platforms and software packages.
  • Architect solutions in terms of hardware, software, deployment, utilisation and many more.
  • Either pre-build IP or new customer developed IP.
  • Quick and accurate solutions to ensure fit for the requirements within your business intelligence strategy.
  • We partner with specialists to provide you with the best fit for your business.

Informed Decisions

It is critical for Beyond BI to drive accuracy and integrity through our decisions, approach and solutions.

  • Customers need to be informed and understand the relevancy of BI for their environment and business.
  • We formulate business intelligence strategies, revise and re-align strategies to the demanding and competitive market.
  • Ensure through structured processes, procedures and clear measurable objectives, decisions are made.

Problem Statement

One of the most common questions in any business regarding BI is why is my report/data incorrect. The following points are some of the value propositions we offer pro-actively in order to sustain accurate and reliable data and integration of BI.

  • Do you understand end-to-end data structures between all your systems from a business “language” point of view?
  • Is there any commonality?
  • How many duplication do I generate and why?
  • Where do I address data issues in the different reporting layers within my business?
  • Data warehouse/enterprise information management/etc. –the foundation of the success of any BI application is the underlying data, data structures, life cycle of data quality and management and many more.
  • Ownership –too much IT and no business involvement.

Specialised Services

Through our professional consultant base and multiple partnerships we provide specialised services in multiple areas and across different platforms and software applications. With years of experience and aligning to customer demands we provide accurate rapid deployment solutions and methodologies in order to ensure return on investment (ROI) and value-added implementations. We aim at answering the customers’ questions accurately and empowering them through skill transfer, knowledge sharing and investing in all resources in order for the customer to have a sustainable solution through our implementation strategies. It has been clear that so many times a product for BI is bought and implemented but never aligned to address the actual customer question. Our specialised services has learned over the years how to master the effective implementation of a BI solution that will hit the road running from first go-live.

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